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Brand new comics from Studio Anti Thesis

Brand new comics from Studio Anti Thesis

Last night I helped assemble his first issue of Deverish Also. Afterwards we headed over to and 's place to finalize what we're bringing to Anime Detour.

I got a chance to see the new issue of Build Your Own Boyfriend, which also looks very snazzy. These two comics each are part of a limited run, afterward they are sold we’ll be getting new copies from Comixpress, with a page of their advertising to defray cost.

New issues of Tabloid Roulette/Merylion Factor and issue 2 of Of Two minds will also be debuting at Anime Detour. Yay!

This means we have 10 books currently for sale! How crazy is that!

After we get back from this con, we’ll be sure to put all our books into our online store at Studio Anti , so if you don't make the conventions we do this year you can still get awesome independent comics from us.

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no 4 complete.


The Apprentice: Illustration 4 Completed.

The Waltz Minutia:

  • 10:45 Just ordered a massive salad from Glass Nickel pizza via their online system. Praise me for not ordering something fried. mmm fried. #
  • 10:46 @johannacherry omg! you saw us in our jeep? also, what job offer?! #
  • 18:09 yes friends, back to the arting. #
  • 18:20 -Spanish guitar playlist go. Manga Studio open. ok,lets go. #

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Random light, chatter and art


Twitters for today.

  • 21:53 yay, kumate liked my illio! I mapped out the next 5, got some sketching done for illio 2. #
  • 21:54 cafe chat and chipotles with jasdrew and hubby. fun! #
  • 21:56 oh hai netflix, did you send me the wrong disc? shoot, season 2 of mars before the last disc of season 1! #
  • 09:22 Coworker is working remote today, I snuck into his office to purloin some rays of sunshine. #
  • 09:23 A comics flatting plugin? hmmm #
  • 14:22 longcat is loooooooooooooong #

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What I finished last weekend.


Apprentice zine2 cover by *dreamling on deviantART

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Anime Iowa: 07 -yayayayayayay neeeeew issue!

yayayayayayay neeeeew issue!

Anime Iowa was a blast.

Here is a highlight: Pic of 's bottomtwo monkies enter, one monkey leaves, thunderbutt!
So many random things i don't want to forget, but likely won't take the time to put in proper paragraphs:

What else, programmed a wave machine on his macbook for me the first night.
I brought silly string to the artist alley, and used it.
I went sleepy happy crazy Saturday night after art jamminess and got really crass in a funny way.
Got to hang with Mere, Pete, Brion and Jen a whole lot. There was much laughter.
The A/C in the room rocked, making everyone but me and pete cold, but I am a good people warmer.
Brion is very ticklish, and is also willing to serenade a room full of people to sleep.
It's a privilege to pee.
I was not the only one giggling at nights.
Titmouse is a funny word.
Everyone loves to sing Happy Birthday, even if it's not someone's birthday.
People katamari are fun, roll all them up in your life.
Pete got interviewed for a podcast, while in his dragon costume.
I started a mini-comic.
It was fun to yell 'hey hotpants' at dirk, and 'nice rack' at jen. also, passing notes is fun too.
Do not trust seafood in landlocked iowa.
Our hotel had a kick-butt continental, it had breakfast drumsticks -pancakes wrapped around a sausage middle! eggs, fresh waffles, bagels and donuts and milk. That a lot for a girl who usually has a grande chai and 1 bagel each morning.
We plan to stay in the con hotel next year.
Sometimes I think I scare meredith, but she keeps asking to room with me. 😉
con-plague sucks.
Iowa is not too far to drive for a convention.

Here are more pics

I also took a moment to draw in 's Magical Me book of Lockhart.Gildaroy Lockhart

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Tabloid Roulette: Rockin on.


We need more copies of Ish 2, so we did another pass on the content and I took the time to fix the cover a bit. here's the old one.
Tabloid Roulette: Issue 2 Cover

Got a lot done yesterday, almost 10 hours of comicking.
Inks on page 24 done, pages 21-23 are now in manga studio templates, worked on cleaning up inks and started toning page 22. Today, I need to scan page 24, finish page 22, and pick one other page to attack. Deadline is the 8th! I still need cover ideas for issue 3!!!

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New Years Eve Oekaki!


Hey! Are you looking for a place to make art, right, now?!

You have just hours to do one last piece of art! Come make silly, serious, funny art as we count down to the New Year!

I’ll be oekaking with the power of rum! How about you?

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@ Ground Zero


I’m at a coffee shop I used to work above, oh, 5 years ago. Eating a tuna sandwich and carrot chipotle soup. I’ve decided I’m going to work more on my portfolio tonight. I plan on adding a version of my resume, and playing around with some ajax and perhaps flash + database stuff.

What exactly do I need to learn to be indispensable to people?

Art night this week was fantastic. We made it out to Pasqual’s and enjoyed some pre-art margaritas. Then we had a fantastic time, arting, laughing, listening to music, watching Eli walk!! (his second day of walking!!) I love these fantastic people.

Well, I’m going to finish my sandwich now, eat my soup and drink my mocha, and see what unfolds tonight.

Be warm everyone!

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2006 Madison Zine Fest



We had a great time yesterday at the Madison Zine Fest. We got to see some great zinsters, including Billy – The Bunnyman from Loop Distro and Brian Defferding who does the amazing School: A Ghost Story comic (and who Kim and I made blush, after we totally gushed over his well written spooky books).

We had a great panel about Minicomic Zines with the lovely and talented Lynn .


Sometime in the day Kim and I got interviewed by some local highschool students about zines and freespeech, which was fun too.

It was generally a wonderful time, which began with homemade waffles with real whipped creme at and ‘s home, and ended with deep dish chocolate pie at Monty’s Blue Plate, also with whipped creme. Great day overall. I think it’s awesome that we get to have the zine fest in Madison each year, it’s great to do things local. This year it had the most people ever, and the quality of many of the zines are fantastic!

More pics of the Zine Fest in my Flickr set!

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Quiet Elf


Quiet Elf

I bought a cheap set of tube watercolors and some brushes yesterday on my way back from paying rent. I cut a piece of water color paper in 4 and painted 3 of the quarters. These are my first experiements in watercolor.For the third one, I was a bit more brave, and quickly sketched a portrait of a quiet elf. Then I started with some pale blue shadows, and worked several layers into the hair. Mixing the color for the skin was the hardest, but I learned that even something too dark can be moderated with some water, or lifted with a bit of paper towel. She seems to be contemplating something.

I learned.
*It’s hard to get enough water into my plastic pallette
*I have a lot to learn about color mixing.
*Some of my marker skills do transfer
*I don’t have fear of watercolors
*Masking tape works just fine for taping things down.
*Watercolor goes pretty quick on these small pieces, and I can see myself doing lots of small ones for fun.
*Chinese white smells different than the rest of the tubes.

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