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Metahari in SL


Metahari in SL

This is my Second Life Avatar Metahari Quirk. if you play, send me an IM.Thanksgiving was nice, somehow the meal always comes together about 30min before everyone arrives. My Interview went well last week, apparently I’ll be strongly considered for the position. /crosses fingers.

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Anna Bis – Dance

Anna Bis - Dance

Anna Bis is my cyberpunk role playing character, she’s an exotic, she’s had a bit of genetic/cosmetic surgery to give her slight jackal appearance. She usually fights melee, with her rippers(claws kinda like deathstrike in the xmen2 movie).Anyway, she’s hiding out at the Arc House as an exotic exotic dancer.

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beat kotor2… female, light side.


My vote’s on the first one, if you’re trying to decide which one to pick up. I could have done without whole character arcs in this one.

still, the gameplay and music and story, such as it is, was enough for me to play to beat it, and i don’t have tons o time for games these days.

so, there you go.

Here’s a link to some great fanart and fancomics for the game:Lots of spoilers in it though, so be warned. (sound files and text files on the deleted parts)

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What have I been up to?


Lots to say, but I have to jot it down quick, otherwise it fades away.
Two weeks ago, hosted a party of about 15 people who had gone to the Chicago Auto Show on Friday. The usual raucous bunch drank and partied, and everything turned out ok. Though at one point I had to dissuade one of them that no, they could not take our 2 gallon of milk down to the basement to someone who had been bet they couldn’t drink it in an hour, Saturday night. I’m not sure if you’ve heard of that ‘challenge’, but it always ends up with at least one person puking. Then we went to bed around 4, hoping the place would still be standing when we woke up. (and it was, and they cleaned the kitchen.)

The rest of the weekend was great though, we had bacon and eggs and cinnamon rolls and biscuits for breakfast, cooked up by pal Roofer. (Well I did the baking) And Saturday night, my mom brought by a turkey that she had cooked for us, with some stuffing. It was all carved up for us, and there was enough for all fifteen some people, and was a nice change of pace from the pizza call that usually goes out. Lots of Halo 2 and Halo 1 were played, as well as a bit of silly Eyetoy experimentation.

Last weekend,
Spent Saturday on publicity and history of Studio Antithesis, partially by checking my old journal entries. Everything blurs together, and we’re trying to get a better handle on when we did things. We also updated the Studio Calender with some birthdays and tenative Con dates. (Acen, Anime Iowa) Maciek colored the cute chibi’s that Allie made for us. Then he turned them into Buttons (pictures forthcoming)
We also printed and/or dated all reviews we have for S.A.T. and put them in a portfolio.

This week
Finally got my teeth cleaned (flash smile). I surprised dental technician, ‘Your teeth aren’t that bad at all’, likely due to the fact that I had actually followed my dentist’s suggestion from last month that I increase the flossing. (which also helped keep my gums from being overly sensitive while being clawed at during the cleaning)

I took yesterday off, partially due to the awkward time for the dentist appointment, but also due to the fact that Wednesday night I really felt weak and sick, and not fun. But somehow, after sleeping in, I was actually feeling really well. Especially well after the great dentist appointment which was far less pain and time than I thought it would be.

I didn’t even waste my time, I vacuumed all but two rooms in the house, windexed three mirrors, emptied two trashcans and did two loads of laundry.

I removed a bookshelf from the bedroom(to be used downstairs for dvd and games), and put together a little circle table to hold my lamp and alarm clock. All the junk on the bookshelf was then reappointed, to the guestroom bookshelves, or to the art room.

I hope my neighbors didn’t mind the 2 min vacuum job, really late at night, I did before putting the circle table in place. But I just couldn’t put things back in place without it, the dust had gotten thick in that corner.

I still ended up with time to defrost the chicken, and cook said chicken and make the cressant rolls and then later to make cinnamon rolls (leftover bag of premade from the party, but needing an hour to rise in the oven before baking), and to play a few hours of Harvest Moon on the Game Cube (my husband bought me a new memory card!).

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Animal Crossing New Year!


Animal Crossing New Year!
Originally uploaded by Metahari.

Yes, we actually turned on the Animal Crossing to use for the midnight countdown! hee

Happy New Year!

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Winter Days


Weekend Things:
Went with Mom to a business appointment, showed the couple my sketch book.(At Mom’s behest), was given actual ceylon chai with fresh ginger. yum!

Did some quick Christmas shopping with Mom, and added to my list, (apparently the one I posted was too general and too short)

Made it to a nice tea and wine party with Dan and Merilee, who I hadn’t seen in a long time, their daughter, Genevieve was a joy, just about a year old and walking and waving at everyone and everything. (me, the piano, the plant). D&M were so sweet and instantly used my gifts to them(big wintery themed coffee mugs) for their party, which they didn’t have to at all, and was nice. It was nice to chat with a variety of people from different groups, Contra Dancers, photographers, quakers, and art buddies. ( and showed up, and I was able to give them their gifts as well! (Wicked book for Kim, Katamari Damarcy for Maciek).)

Was all set to go to Christmas service with my parents, when Mom called and said she had to take my father to the emergency room because he had intense rib pain. They feared a blood clot in his lung, but it turned out he has bruised or fractured a rib. Which isn’t life threatening, but very very painful, and not really the sort of thing he needed on top of the cancer stuff. I headed over to the house after they got home, to spend time with them

Worked a bit on art, and played Baten Kaitos on my GameCube till it died. 🙁 Husband sent me out to get a new one, :), I picked up a holiday platinum bundle gamecube, which came with Mario Cart Double Dash. It was a pretty good deal, and not purple, and I was able to continue playing blissfully until sleep time.

Got some insurance stuff figured out, and made dental appointments for me and hubby for the new year. _must stop putting things off_.

Last night I finally got commission physically to her and her hubby. Whew! Felt good to get that off my plate before Christmas. As hard as it was to part with “A Song for Evan”, I’m glad it’s going to a good home. could you take a picture of it on the wall when you get it all framed up, please?

Then I headed over to a sparse Writing Group night. I did no writing, but it was very nice to check in with and who I feel like I haven’t seen in a while. (I miss seeing but I just know the new year will open up both our schedules for ass-kickery.)

2005, the year of Ass-Kickery! (place it in your Interests to remember)

Lah. ok, still need to do lots of shopping, but have the rest of the week off, and that’s good.

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On writings and weekends

16,022 / 50,000

Writing is going slow, we traveled for a family thanksgiving up north last weekend, and I took friday off writing and did art. (Which was lovely really, I’m almost done with ‘s commission, and excited about it’s direction), so for the last three days, friday-sunday I wrote about 2300 words. Thankgiving with my husband’s family was nice though, we got to catch up with his younger cousins, who schooled carlo, and I, and our friend ana, all at the same time in Halo2, after seeing the game for the first time. And the Packers won. yay. I actually wrote in the car on the way home.

Last night I pulled myself away from the Halo2 and after a very long time sitting and staring at my monitor, and much futzing around with iTunes,(there were 4 people sharing music at Company of Thieves), I actually got just over 1000 done, which is good because I wasn’t certain I’d get more than 60, and really really wanted to go home to more Halo2. But I stuck it out, and went through 2 italian/french soda’s ( look what you’ve done, I now have at least three of these a week, and more this month because of all the coffeeshop writing I’m doing)

I think I’ll feel better when I hit the 20k milestone, and then 50%. According to my Nano report card, I only need to do 2265 words a day to make it by the end of the month. Which isn’t really all that bad, and I’m fairly sure I can do some catch up this coming weekend. Pushing forward.

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Halo2 and Rampant Server


We did indeed go to the midnight release of Halo 2, and it sucked, we had
to stand in line for an hour, for a game we had already purchased in full
so the store could convince people to buy controllers, communicators,
books and strategy guides… bleh. Still, we got the game and set up our
clan, I had one and a half multiplayer games, in which I played horribly
and was cranky before I retired to sleep… 2:20am.

I thought I sent a pic from my phone last night from the line, I’ll try to
u/l it later. would have made more impact for you to see the timestamp on
that entry, but, oh well.

Halo 2 launch pic

Now, two red bulls into the day. (yes, it’s the
breakfast of champions.) Today is a big day for our agribiz, it’s sire
summary when all the stats are released for our animals. This is big
news. But it’s not going very smoothly.

They say that A.I’s go crazy after 7 years, I’m not certain one of my
webservers has every achieved such a thing, but it’s quite a frankenstien,
so anything’s possible. It’s also possible it’s had more than enough
abuse, as it has tanked hard, on the most important web day, just after I
loaded in some fresh data. (Standard Operating Procedure) So far it’s
taken the extranet and our sire pages down with it.

Awaiting news on it’s return.

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Weekend, lah


Had a nice relaxing weekend. Finally got over a stupid cold I’d had since I got home from Anime Iowa, and was feeling up to doing things again! Yah! Moving, drawing, movies!

Friday we picked up some viddy games, Star Wars Battlefront for him, Demon Stone for me. (Demon stone is only ok, way too short. Forgotten realms though, and I can control a female theif with actual sneak attacks in battle which is cool. Repetitivegameplay is not cool)

I was supposed to spend a couple hours sitting at my Grandmother’s Garage sale, and so I headed out there Saturday morning with only a little box of toys to sell. All the little girls in her neighborhood sure seemed to like my powerpuff girl toys. Somehow, those couple hours stretched into all day, which was fine anyway, because I had nothing else planned. Tiring though. I took a little break to help my mom clean her house a bit for last minute company, and then went back to the garage sale to help pack up. I made 25 bucks! hee. I have tons more things to sell, but those will just have to wait until some other garage sale down the road.

Then I came home to my husband, and we went out to watch the Sky Captain movie. Which was fun, and stylish and a bit over blurry.

Sunday was nice too, we had brunch with my husband’s father in honor of my husband’s birthday. (last monday, the 20th) His dad surprised us with a cool birthday gift, his old oak dining room table and chairs! This table has sentimental value for my husband. He used to have it up in his bedroom, and remembers role playing on it with his friends when he was quite young. His dad even loaded up their vehicle and brought all the pieces over to our place. Yah! (Till now, we’ve been using a rather long folding table, which was quite functional, but not as stylish)

I headed downtown to spend my garage sale money and a bit more on 6!!! color copic markers, swung over to Electric Earth to hang with Ray for a bit. While I was there , we talked a bit of sci-fi, and in the middle of one of my sentences I couldn’t remember a word. I’m sitting there saying over and over…’Ambi… Ambitious? Ambidextrous? darnit, the word means vague, but it’s better than vague… Ambi, Ambi’ while Ray just watches me, slightly amused. Suddenly, the woman sitting behind me leans back in her chair and says, ‘Ambiguous’ which was really the word I was looking for. ha.

I went home, and inked the mermaid picture I was working on and then started markering it…

Someone PLEASE! give me some markering tips!!! I didn’t ruin the thing, but it also didn’t come out the way I wanted it to. (There’s also some more things I can do to it, I’m sure) I’ve searched the interweb and haven’t found many marker tutorials at all. I’m positive I’m going to love this medium once I get the hang of it.

I started markering my picture by laying down some shadows with a cool grey marker(the lightest one), and then started in with my limited color palette. I tried to keep my lightsource in mind, as well as using some highlighting colors and some shadowy colors. It might make more sense if I scan the thing and then ask for more tips, but I’m eager and hungry for tips and techniques, both for markering illustrations, but also for some fun things to try with my fancy pretty copics.
makes it look so easy!

I’m sure practice will help me feel less anxiety over markering without scanning the lineart first. Still, I’m quite happy that I planned the pic out enough so that all of the mermaid is actually on the page, it’s a bit of a shock to flip through my pencil and black and white sketchbook and stumble across rich markered colors!

p.s. Congratulations on your new baby! Evan Michael

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Mid Battle


A Picture from my PCS Vision Camera

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