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Great week so far


We had a fantastic work night on Monday for our Writing Group. I actually wrote. Really! We all have chosen goals to acomplish between solstices. Mine is to write and polish two short stories. It’s lovely to be writing.

The w0rd-vixens, belleweather, Kim, Heather, and I had lots to chat about; plots and designs, murders and missions, music and madness. (We also had a Gr4mm3r-Fox, Ray, Show up later)

I’ve decided to work with asking casual motivation questions to help fill in the holes of things I’m working on.

Last night, my husband and I met two people, Jason and Stephanie, who tracked me down via the internet, and my Halo tendencies, we sat and chatted, and then played some Halo. They are very nice, and good at Halo. We look forward to seeing them again.

Our A/C is fixed. All hail the cool air that gives life and meaning to our domicile. I think I am sleeping better now that we’re not sleeping on the floor in the basement. I am also feeling less stress this week, which is lovely. This also means I can finally hold art night over at our place tonight! woo.

This weekend is our anniversary. We’re going to spend the day and night in Milwaukee. I’ve booked a room at a B&B near the down town area, The Acanthus, and we plan on wandering about the Milwaukee Museum for the day. I’ve never been there, and am thrilled. We once took a trip to the Chicago Museum. That’s a fond memory. I can’t wait to make more. I’ve never stayed at a B&B, and am very thrilled. Yay! some time for just us!

Sunday we’ll likely share a dinner with my parents, and grandparents at Porta Bella, whom we share an anniversary with. (4 generations, 3 still living) My mother and law and her husband may join us as well. It’s becoming a tradition.

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Tiefling Tour


Hey cool! My Mohna Picture ended up in a Tiefling Tour on Elfwood! (note the tour symbol on the right)

Very cool! And she even holds up against the competition.

I should draw more of her.

Only, I started a really cool picture of my Shadowdancer Gnome last night. I think it’s going to be a really great pic when I’m done.

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Great Party Weekend


Had a swarm of people over, lots and lots of Halo, Super Monkey Ball 2, Mario Racing, copious amounts of Captain Morgan’s Private stock.

the gang from the life you never knew about

Pictures here:
Pictures here

We had 12-14 people over all weekend, including my brother. It was a blast, lots of intense Halo CTF matches, and lots of good times.

It’s really great that perfect strangers from the internet can become perfect friends. We’ve known this group around 4 years or so, and have parties like this a couple times a year. It’s always fantastic.

And, as always, the house seems quite empty when everyone leaves.

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Direct deposit has lost my paycheck. 😛

Dad is going to see a panel of doctors and surgeons next week, apparently his case is unusual, and they want to know why.

My father’s enemy is signet ring cancer.

I had sushi last night, and it was yummy. believe it or not, sushi is a comfort food to me. I might have more comfort food tonight, either qdoba’s or noodles mac and cheese with tofu.

I am very happy that Please Save My Earth is out in translated manga. I had thought I might never seen the actual manga pages, and PSME has long been one of my favorite series.

Tonight, I believe, my husband is taking me to a movie. I’m aiming for Big Fish, or Something’s gotta give.

Most of Studio Antithesis is away, and I miss them. It will be nice to see them next week.

I finally beat the hard battle near the start of the Prince of Persia game, last night. Which made me feel good. I beat Syberia shortly after Christmas, with enough interest to play the sequel I guess. The Longest Journey was so much better though.

Frank was in town around New Years. We went to Monty’s Blue plate, and bowling with Adam. Felt like old times. We all used to work together at Sonic Foundry.

Sorry for the odd, unconnected ramblings, been missing recording all sorts of things due to these emergencies.

Went over to Mom and Dad’s the day he was discharged, to eat dinner some friends had brought by, and watch ‘Senseless’, which made my father laugh so much it hurt. He’s feeling so much better than he has these last few weeks. That’s a good thing.

The stress of this is not doing good things to my body. I need to exercise more and release those endorphins.

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Random info dump


I was going to edit this into a nice big entry, but lost the energy. Still, wanted to note these things

  • Page 5 of Tabloid roulette is up
  • Did christmas crafty things with mom.(candles!)
  • Opened new checking account at uwcu, yah!
  • awesome role playing on sunday, we faced down an evil drow sorceror who
    had unnatrual command over an army of 50thousand orcs.(Vole and Co.)
  • decorated tree
  • Christmas concert at a local church. (w/Mom/Grandma)
  • American forces finally caught Sadamn hussein
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Return to Graphite


Oh. I had such a nice night last night. I came home and played a bit of Kya: Dark Lineage on the PS2, which is a cute game, similar to Jax and Daxter, with beautiful Rayman like style, lots of color and swirlies and glowies. Then I headed over to Ray’s for Studio Anti-Thesis Art night.

When I got there, I thought I was the first to arrive, and I was, kinda. Ray had the iSight set up on his new g5 computer and was using it to talk to Maciek who is currently in Hong Kong! way cool! It was nice to see him and be silly on the iSight and hear about his traveling adventures over there, he also sent some really awesome pictures of the cityscape and some Hong Kong Markets. That was very cool.

Also, I got to get back to drawing on the manga that Kim and I are making, and I got two whole panels done! That only leaves two more for page 5! I was a bit frustrated at first that one was taking too long, but I really cleaned it up nice, and I’ve quite happy with the result. The last four Tuesdays I’ve been writing during art nice, so this was a very nice change. I really want to finish up at least all the drawing for page 5 this week. That would feel very nice.

It was really quiet without Maciek. *giggle* That’s what everyone apparently says about me when I’m absent. We are two chatterboxes in truth.

I got home pretty late, but I was flying from being all artz and productive again. Very excited to continue the comic. Also page 4, which is online now, and page 5, which I’m working on now, are really the best pages I’ve done for the comic. I can’t wait to get this one up and online too.

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Open Studios’ Romp


Can’t I tell you, before I forget, about my weekend?
Friday night I stayed home, played Zelda, and went to bed early.

Saturday: I got up, and headed downtowne to give an interview to the Daily Cardinal, a local student paper, about NaNoWriMo. The interviewer was really nice, her name was Jennifer, and she’s going to try to write a novel this year also. I almost talked my self hoarse from about 12:15 to 1:45. Funny though, before she arrived, I drank half a Mocha, and was talking a bit fast. It’s so much fun to be excited about things. I am excited about Nanowrimo this year. This is truly the year I walk away with a novel. Truly.

Near the end of the interview Kim and Maciek appeared, as I had mentioned to them where I’d be. I sat down for some bean chili and a Key Lime drink. They mentioned that it was the weekend for Open Studios, all over town. I only had time to check out the Thorn’s Home Studio across from Ground Zero with them, before I had to head home to connect with the husband and friends to go see a movie.

We(hubby, Dennis, Doug) checked out School of Rock, with Jack Black, and it’s truly a pleasure to watch. Just a fun, funny movie, not too deep, but enjoyable. Worth the money, yah! Then just an evening of hanging out, and more Zelda.

Sunday: I got up early to head back over to the smuga-otto’s house so we could eat breakfast at Sophia’s before the morning rush. We had yummy food, mmm boysenberry cottage cheese pancakes. Then we spent the day visiting more Artist homes and studios. It was so inspiring. We met so many very cool local artists and got to see their art, how they laid things out. I met a cool lady who teaches private painting lessons, which Maciek and I think we are going to do. We also met a political cartoonist for the Isthmus, who showed us how he works with the copy machine and the waxer, as well as how he’s branching into collage and sculpture. Many of the artists were more than willing to talk to us about their art and procedures.

We met many cats(one from Paris, and one from Capetown), and some dogs, and got to enter into some of the coolest old houses, some of them right on the lake. We also dropped in on our Life Drawing Teacher from last spring in his new studio, and on his recommendation, one of his painting friends.

We did this till about 2:30 I think, when we crashed back at the house, and while we had wanted to do art stuff, we found ourselves all a bit exhausted physically and mentally from all the stimuli, and sat back and watched 3 episodes of Ceres no Destiny I hadn’t seen yet.

I wandered home around 4, really tired, and basically hung out on the couch watching the WB’s big Sunday, which included the first episode of Smallville, and an all new series of Tarzan. Stupid WB, pegging my demographic. heh. I drew a neat portrait of Red Riding Hood, which I haven’t touched since Sunday night, but I’m pleased with how it’s going.

Whew. It’s important to write these things down before they just disappear into my olio of memories.

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Long String of Happy Days


This weekend was lovely. Friday night book reading was small, but intimate, and relaxing, over at Andy’s place.

Saturday, I played lots of Zelda: Wind Waker, and I’m sadly getting close to the end. There was a point where I was afraid it would end too early, before I finished exploring and playing, but things kept moving. The game just continues to be entertaining. And so pleasant to play with the wavebird, in the bedroom, where I can snuggle down in my blankets and be comfortable, and not shoved in the corner of the office.

We also did some Comic Stuff on Saturday, which was fun. We got a good deal done with page 4, I finished my clean up of the panels, and Kim did the initial lettering and panel boxes. It’s soo much fun to see things come together. I’m sure I’m going to finish page 4 tonight, and Art night is at our place! Carlo came with me to K&M’s house too, where the kitties molested him, and I overheard him talking about scripts and Indesign from where I was chained to the computer.

Sunday was sweet and relaxing. More Zelda, mostly due to some crossed wires, as we thought we were doing brunch with the Father in Law, but couldn’t get a hold of him. It was nice to laze around though, I was busy with the little green capped hero, while my husband was in the other room rolling more hours into our Xbox copy of Morrowind.

Then later, Cafe und Kuken with Andy, Mike and the usual suspects. Eating lovely strudels and chocolates, and coffee with daubs of real hand whipped cream, while we looked at Andy and Mike’s photos from their Austria trip. Looks like their trip was amazing. I had to leave too soon, but left at the right time, with a large sugar buzz, to get home in time for some Gaming with the Dalelands Crew.

Life, she is good.

Things I wish today’s paycheck could go to
Endless Nights
Dancing Barefoot
Lion King DVD
Copic Markers
Comics and Manga
Fall Clothes

Things today’s paycheck will go to.


But soon, soon soon… It will be time for toys, when paychecks hit.

And I’m happy without those things too, which is a good place to be.

And, I’ve lost a total of 8lbs since I started eating better, and that feels marvelous.
If I get out for a couple walks I bet I can make 10lbs lost by next week.

(We all gotta start considering costumes for Haloween, after all.)

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PSO Wings!


ooh, I hadn’t played Xbox in about 2 weeks, but heard there were new mech assault maps out, so I plugged in the box, d/l’d the maps and noodled around.

But, then I got an invite to go play Phantasy Star Online with Strider Jin, and I’m so glad I accepted.

Strider gave me some really cool weapons and slot items, and then, before he had to go, he gave me some new mags, one that looks like a master system, and one that looks like Devil Wings!

They’re so cute, they float behind my character, and flutter! I need to get a screenshot, but they’re sooo cool. I even spent the 10,000 meseta to change my outfit and color my hair to match better, so now I’m all purply, with purple pink wings, and

ok, ok, I’m a geek, but I can’t tell you how happy I am to have cute devil wings in PSO.

After Jin left, I randomly joined a game, and there were 2 people with angel wings and one with a tail mag, what an adventuring group we were!


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Girly Gaming, Take 2


Well, been sick on and off this week, which is just no fun. But at least allowed me to work from home a bit yesterday.

Was feeling better, and got to hook up with Tammy and Liz for our new Girly Gaming group. Woo! I think we’re really going to have an awesome time. This is Liz’s first role-playing game ever, and she’s doing awesome! She’s playing a halfling fighter, and is totally getting into it. Tammy is playing a Rashemi Wizard, and I’ve mentioned Mohna, my tiefling rogue/assassin before. Liz is working on her PhD here in town, studying some radical rhetoric. Also, Tammy had us over again for dinner, which was quite yummy, that girl can cook! Ok, sentences fragmenting, must add more exclamation marks… Yah! Girly Gaming!

Changing hosts for . Heidi suggested HasWeb. They’re cheap, have lots of options, and a cool feature called ‘fantastico’, come on, how can you not love a service that offers ‘fantastico’! It’s actually a feature that has a lot options to install other cool free php programs like b2, or pmachine, ect, with the minimum of fuss. Very nice.

Although, figuring out just what’s going on with my stableful of domain names has not been fun. Sometime between last fall and now, my account with godaddy has split in a strange fashion, giving me two accounts, and not letting me log in, or see important domains like Ack!

I wanna call them and get things figured out, they were supposed to merge the account yesterday, but, no such luck/time.

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