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I’ve been meaning to tell you! I got the job! We were able to come to a good place for my offer, I signed it and faxed it over, did the silly drug test thing and gave my two weeks notice… a week ago!

So, a week from Monday, I start my new job at Sony!!

Ok, so it’s kinda like my old job there(when they were Sonic Foundry), when I was an intern… only now, with lots more leadership and ideas and excitement.

I’ll be working on a site I helped create!

anyways, thanks for all your support. I’m very thrilled, this all feels very much like a dream.

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Day 2.5


Whew, the first 2.5 days at the new gig were great. The people are really nice and cool, the work is completely full of things I can do, yay for css, xhtml, php. There is a preference for both php and web standards if possible.

I’m working on a pc with a nice big monitor. It’s totally ok for me to bring in my ibook and listen to music/podcasts while I work.

Still trying to figure if the beltline or 113-M is a better way for me to go.

Using my skills and brain for the web stuff is good, if a bit tiring. The last month and a half was just internet researching, which required critical thinking, of course, but not a whole lot of mental problem solving.

I hope this gig has lots of ongoing work for me. It’s nice.

Add the drive home placing me at home around 6 or so, and you get a relatively quiet introspective dreamling who eats her dinner and goes off to read and then sleep.

Mom should fly home from Cancun today. It’s been so strange not to be able to talk with her all week about the gig, and Christmas and everything. We’re a close family, so we end up phoning or at least texting throughout the week. She did manage to call my bro for a couple min this week so we’d know she got there, and that the torrential raining had made it almost impossible for her to get scuba certified- the main reason for going.

I actually had a dream the other night that was kinda like a roadtrip mystery, ending with me accosting some blond lady just before I woke up, asking her ‘Where is my mother’. awww. poor subconscious. hehe

New gig


So, started my new gig today, after a relaxing morning off. So far I really like the place and people. I hit it off with my supervisor. Wish I could have gotten those silly css drop downs to work this afternoon though.

My new boss told me about at time he got stuck in an elevator! he ended up having to email for help from a open wireless connection. hee

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For those playing along at home!


It happened really really quick. I went into Robert Half Technologies yesterday morning for some paperwork, a short interview and some tests on HTML/PHP/ASP. My scores were mostly above average (verses all the other people who have taken the same tests) Before I could even be walked to the elevator, someone came by and said they had just submitted me for a job! By the afternoon it had all been decided
Seems like I’ll be starting a long term web contract job midweek!!!

I’ve never done pure consultant work, but it just may suit this time in my life.

They still have to check my references, but that should go fine. Then a couple days finishing up the clerical temp job, and woo!


/tiny tim voice ‘God Bless us every one’

Man, what a great Christmas gift!


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@ Ground Zero


I’m at a coffee shop I used to work above, oh, 5 years ago. Eating a tuna sandwich and carrot chipotle soup. I’ve decided I’m going to work more on my portfolio tonight. I plan on adding a version of my resume, and playing around with some ajax and perhaps flash + database stuff.

What exactly do I need to learn to be indispensable to people?

Art night this week was fantastic. We made it out to Pasqual’s and enjoyed some pre-art margaritas. Then we had a fantastic time, arting, laughing, listening to music, watching Eli walk!! (his second day of walking!!) I love these fantastic people.

Well, I’m going to finish my sandwich now, eat my soup and drink my mocha, and see what unfolds tonight.

Be warm everyone!

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Interview Tomorrow!!!


Ok, my phone interview went so well on Friday that they wanted me to come in tomorrow! I have purchased my very first interviewing suit, and will look fantastic.

Okokokokok. Excited, and leetle bit nervous. However, I know I can do this job, and it sounds like they need me. This could be very cool.


Phone interview in 30min



Ok, I have a phone interview today at noon. It’s for a position with a creative company, and I’d love for it to go well. May only be temp work, but in a field much closer to where I’d like to direct a career.

Wish me luck!



I left the lights on in the jeep over the weekend. NOT the way I wanted to start the week. The job I’ve been really excited about has been relisted… apparently I’m still in the pool of applicants, but it is frustrating. The whole thing is frustrating. I’ve been temping at the same place for 2 weeks, which is nice, but has left me rather exhausted after each day. Guess I’ll have to just push through the tiredness and apply for more jobs at night anyway.

This weekend is filmcon.


My halloween


My halloween:
Dinner at the spooky decorated downtown Great Dane, where I had an awesome steak, a taste of pumpkin spice ale(eh), and rather nice dinner conversation with my hubby.

Then I headed out to Escape Java, where I got to see various members of the studio, and where I kicked a whole lot of php butt in a super focused mode brought on by a yummy mocha latte, and fabulous friendiness. Also of note, they were showing ‘The Abyss’ on the wall outside the store, cold night for it, but really cool.

Also learned that the job I want –Called my References!. So, a whole lot of crossed fingers, toes and other body parts(you think on that).

Ok, off to the temp job. I am currently excel monkey, yay for macros.



I spent 5 hours of today trying to get a database hooked up to a webpage and connected on my mac.

+ I have now enabled php and installed mysql on Kotoko, my ibook.
– I am not done with the thing I was going to finish and send off to the guy from my interview callback on friday.
+ during that interview, neither he nor I could get a database hooked up to the webpage, mostly because he hadn’t properly set up the data connection.
– this is a stupid stupid thing to test. once a connection is set up, you don’t have to remember how to set it up, you either include it in each file or paste as needed.
– after finally getting the db working in mysql on kotoko, i am very very far behind on this task, and pretty much wasted all of my sunday, and I’m all worked up and frustrated. 😛
+ at least my temp work does not start until 10 tommorrow.
+ also, I am happy not to have to do transcription tommorrow, because of already being signed up for the temp work that starts at 10.
-friday afternoon, I transcribed for 4 hours, which was interesting enough, I guess, but hurt my hands, and I was hooked up to a tape recorder! with a pedal!
– also, was transcribing for a company I interviewed with, who turned me down earlier this summer.

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