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woooo, _the_ job called me back for another interview. woooo ok, breathe, breathe.

friday morning!

Temped all day at an elementary school, had a great time.

Temporary Girl


So… I’m temping, I’m doing receptionist work mon-wed, filing thursday and transcription friday. The work is pleasant enough, and keeps me busy. I am, really tired.

I am also quite down about not hearing back from several places I’ve submitted my resume to.

I’m set up for 1-2 weeks though, starting monday, at a place where a friend works, so… that’s how things stand.

I need a personal cheerleader. Cheer has been low recently.

Carlo is cooking steak and rolls tonight, though, which is pleasant.

Travel. Interview, Comrades


After my interview last week, I was spirited off to Ohio by my mom. It was a whirlwind of family, and back again. I saw almost all my cousins(and their kids!), and my mom got to go her class reunion. I drove part of the 8 hours back, and I must say… I have officially driven stick for too long. You know this when you try to clutch on an automatic vehicle your mom has just bought. eee! Almost had to tie my left leg to the seat, to keep from clutching the brake.

Monday, one cousin I didn’t see in Ohio was actually in Madison, so we did dinner over at Mom’s and then went out to The Great Dane, it was great to see her, even though I was still travel-tired from the long weekend.

Thursday!!! I had an interview for a job that really suits me. I feel I did the best I could, and really am crossing my fingers and holding my breath for it.

Thursday was also Kim‘s birthday, and there were margaritas, quesadilla’s and chocolate torte truffel birthday cake to be had, and we snuck some Heroes fan moments in there too.

whew. things fly by so fast, I want to remember, so I jot them down.

new thursday, new interview


ooh, it is winnnnndy out there, and cold! and there are icicles on some of the trees!!!

Had an interview with a different company today, for usability testing. Interviewer was really cool. Could be interesting work.

Have a neat interview next thursday.

I’m heading to Ohio for the weekend, my Mom is heading to her high school reunion, and I’m tagging along. Will see some family, and get to hang with mom, while hubby holds down the fort here.

eee, gotta finish packing! Have a great weekend, my friendies.

Had an interview today

Jewelboxing portfolio outside.

It’s a beautiful day for a drive, the leaves are changing all over and the air is cool but the sun still warm.

I had an interview on the west side this afternoon. It went well. I have a lot of things they are looking for regarding web, and the position may offer up to 50% actual work on print. That’s exciting. To be able to continue web, but also learn and grow in marketing and promotions. Could be awesome.

I redid my portfolio, and made a jewelboxed cdr to hand the interviewer. The portfolio has been reskinned, margins adjusted, and edited for a clearer look at my best works. Please give it a new look and feel free to share comments and critiques.

windy autumn jobsearch


Still searching, but very positive today.

I made a list of all the jobs in the paper last night for applying to this week, and applied to a company last night and one today. I did research on three other jobs, talking to my supa-secret contacts. And! I got a call back from a blind box that I sent my hardcopy resume to last week, (the posting in the WI State Journal titled itself ‘Great Job’ which I find to be positive). So, I have a brief phone interview for that on wed.

There is a job faire at the Alliant Center tommorrow, so I made a whole bunch of copies of my resume to hand out there. I haven’t had great success with job faires in the past, working in the fairly specialized field of Web development and design, but it never hurts to get more eyes on the resume, and meet some people in person. Resumes are like business cards, they do no good unless you hand them out.

It is very windy outside, though pleasant in temperature. The trees have begun to turn colors, and the geese are back paddling around the little man made pond near our house, getting ready for their long trip south.

New Portfolio Site


I’ve been going to all these interviews, and people keep wanting a portfolio from me, so here is my updated portfolio site.

Please give it a look and give me any feedback you wish. Also, if you feel I’m missing a piece that should appear there, please tell me which one.
Check it out here:

I got pretty much everything working the way I wanted, and might make some css tweaks next week, but I think it’s pretty good to go, and more than ok for submission to prospective jobs.

Job update


still looking. 😛

The job I was really excited about wasn’t for me. I really hit it off with the HR lady, but the manager guy hadn’t even read my resume, and seemed really distant, as well as a bit rude. I got the call they had gone with someone else who had more e-blast experience.

Working with another recruiter on a couple more jobs possibilities. Have at least 1 interview next week. edit: 2 interviews next week for this recruiter, looks like I’ll have my choice of positions.

Overall, blah. There just aren’t a lot of web designer jobs out there. There are only a few web developer jobs out there, and some of those would take me further down a tech road I’m not sure I want to follow.

The lure of being a massage therapist is still there, obviously a step I can’t take right now. Switching careers at this point just doesn’t seem wise. It’s something I do want to pursue in the future. I feel like I have an innate gift, and love being able to help people. After I get certified, I could continue doing web, and work massage part time if I wanted.

I got into this biz to do fun design and graphic stuff, audio and video things, and I’m having trouble finding the jobs that let me do creative web things. I would love a job doing web promotions, podcasts, videos and designs.

Anyway, please keep your eyes and ears open for jobs for me. I’m ready.



I have TEH INNTERVIEW today at 9, please send prayers and good thoughts my way. I know this is an awesome fit job for me.

catch you all later!

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